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Voice Commands – Powerboat VR 1 - steamclue.com
Voice Commands – Powerboat VR 1 - steamclue.com

A detailed list of all the voice commands available in Powerboat VR

Getting Started

To use the voice commands in Powerboat VR you will need a working microphone attached to your computer.
Make sure it is also set as your default recording device.
That’s all you need to do. You do not need to install any extra software.

Standard Voice Controls

Standard voice controls are always active and handle controlling various aspects of your ship.

  • “Radar” – displays the RADAR on your ship’s MFD screen
  • “GPS” or “Sat Nav” – displays the GPS map on your ship’s MFD screen
  • “Engines On” or “Start Engines” – starts the ship’s engines
  • “Engines Off” or “Stop Engines” – stops the ship’s engines
  • “Raise Anchor” or “Anchor Off” – disables the shp’s anchor
  • “Deploy Anchor” or “Anchor On” – enables the shp’s anchor
  • “Lights On” – enables the shp’s navigation lights
  • “Lights Off” – disabled the ship’s navigation lights


Autopilot Controls

Autopilot controls need to be activated before they can be used. When activated the autopilot takes exclusive control of the ships steering and throttle inputs. You will not be able to control the ship directly while the autopilot is active. However, bow thrusters will still be under your direct control.
When you issue a command the autopilot will respond confirming the command. This helps you to recognised if the voice command was understood or not.

  • “Autopilot On” – Turns the Autopilot on. This must be done before it will respond to commands.
  • “Autopilot Off” – Turns the Autopilot off and returns direct control of the ship to you.
  • “Ahead Slow”
  • “Ahead One Quarter”
  • “Ahead Half”
  • “Ahead Three Quarters”
  • “Ahead Full” – Roughly recommended cruising speed
  • “Ahead Flank”
  • “Reverse Slow” or “Back Slow”
  • “Reverse One Quarter” or “Back One Quarter”
  • “Reverse Half” or “Back Half”
  • “Reverse Three Quarters” or “Back Three Quarters”
  • “Reverse Full” or “Back Full”
  • “Reverse Flank” or “Back Flank”
  • “All Stop” – throttle to zero
  • “Port 5” – 5 degrees left
  • “Port 10” – 10 degrees left
  • “Port 15” – 15 degrees left
  • “Port 20” – 20 degrees left
  • “Port 25” – 25 degrees left
  • “Port 30” – 30 degrees left
  • “Starboard 5” – 5 degrees right
  • “Starboard10” – 10 degrees right
  • “Starboard 15” – 15 degrees right
  • “Starboard 20” – 20 degrees right
  • “Starboard 25” – 25 degrees right
  • “Starboard 30” – 30 degrees right
  • “Rudder Amidships” or “Zero Rudder” – centre steering



Speech recognition is not 100% accurate and you will may encounter commands being ignored.

  • Check your microphone works correctly, try using it in something like Steam Chat
  • Make sure it is activated and set as your default recording device
  • Speak clearly
  • Run through the Speech Recognition system in Windows (search for Speech Recognition). This will help train your computer to understand your voice better.

Unfortunately there nothing I can do to improve speech recognition. Powerboat VR simply uses the built in Windows speech recognition engine.

Written by Jimmy Arcade

Here we come to an end for the Voice Commands – Powerboat VR guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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