Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide – Examination Chambers

Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide – Examination Chambers 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide – Examination Chambers 1 - steamclue.com

Basic walkthrough of the game with all the achievements, including the cheeky one, and how to get them.


Time to break out the (companion) cubes! This short game is you, an “examiner,” and a bunch of cubes and buttons everywhere using a simplified version of gate logic to get from one room to the next in (what should be) a straight line.
Of course, that’s never gonna happen.


Let’s take a walk, shall we?
Room S: This is the place you start the game
There are three achievements you can get in this room, one of which is missable. When you appear, you’re under an arch made of cubes. Pull it apart and pick them up until “Mark” sounds off about his favorite cube.
1/28: This one is special
Now, pick up any cube, stand under the speaker in the NE corner of the room. Look up at it, and jump. “Mark” will again complain.
2/28: Talk to me
Now head to the NW corner of the room, and repeat with the camera. “Mark” will again complain.
3/28: Build to last
Achievements 2 and 3 can be done in ANY room, but the run timer doesn’t start until you head into room 1, which we’ll do now.
4/28: Step by Step: Walk from the starting room into the first.
Room 1: Cube, button, door. Done.
5/28: Cubes Only: Step on the button, hear Mark complain
6/28 Already Quite Challenging: Finish the first room.
Room 2: Just Watch. “Mark” thinks he’s funny.
7/28: Brilliant
8/28: This is getting out of hand
Proceed to Room 3
Room 3: Two cubes, two buttons, door.
9/28: Now there are two of them
Room 4: One red button, no cubes? Wait for it…
Since we’ve got a second until “Mark” stops yapping, turn to the right and look through the crack in the wall in the corner:
10/28: I like this view (missable)
A red cube will fall to the floor from about the door. You know what to do.
11/28: Loving that Song
Room 5: Red cube, blue cube in box, etc. “Steve” introduces himself. Sounds just like Mark. Odd…
12/28 The most important room
Room 6: The sky is a lie!
13/28: The sky above
Room 7: The second cube is to your right, behind the machine.
14/28: Stars
Room 8: More complex puzzle
15/28: Halfway through
Halfway through the game.
Room 9: We’ve seen a slightly less complex version of this puzzle. Proceed as normal.
16/28: You’re doing great
Room 10: “Bob” makes his appearance
17/28: This is Bob speaking
Room 11: Tiny room, very simple.
Let the cube fall out of the box, stand under the box, and jump.
18/28: Don’t get your head stuck (missable)
Cube, button, you know the drill.
19/28: Small and smart
Room 12: Lots of cameras
20/28: Being watched
Room 13: Don’t attempt to solve this room. “Bob” is trolling you.
Go to the left, and manipulate the piece of plywood to make a ramp into the next room.
A cube will work just as well, and is less of a ha*sle. (From Na)
21/28: Through the wall
Room 14: light math required.
22/28: Reorganization
Room 15: Do all the things.
23/28: Back online
Room 16: Last puzzle, most complex
24/28: So many cubes
Room F: You’re done with testing!
25/28: Rooms solved
26/28: Adorable
Now you’ll be kicked back out to the main menu (because you’re done), and your finish time will be displayed. You can’t go back, but you’ll get a popup about Party Mode being available in the options. Let’s go there and turn it on.
27/28: Time to Party!
28/28: Completion
And… There we go! All the achievements in a single run. Those that are missable (you can’t get them without starting again) are tagged inline.
One more thing: as of this writing, there’s a geometry issue in the back of Room F that allows you to leave the map and do the Forever Fall. Hit ESC to return to the Main Menu.


I originally intended to just do an achievement with comments for “missables,” but as I tucked in, I couldn’t help but comment here and there.
Let me know if you find anything I missed or got wrong, have a question or what have you.
See you in the comments!
Shoutout to Na, who gave me the way to get that final achievement I needed to 100% the game.


03DEC21 1225: Initial Version
03DEC21 1445: Additional editing pa*ses to add credits, link to another guide, and clean up a few bits. May go back and do some more editing later to for clarity. Added Changelog.

I hope you enjoy the Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide – Examination Chambers guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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