Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job – Escape Simulator

Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job – Escape Simulator 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job – Escape Simulator 1 - steamclue.com

Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job, a downloadable map for Escape Simulator.


Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Overview - 3566F8F23
Welcome to the guide and walkthrough for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job!
This guide is split into two sections: a hint guide, where you can get a tip to help you crack puzzles in the various zones, and a full walkthrough detailing the solutions.
To complete this Escape Room, you need to make your way through four different themed zones to get your hands on the final vault key. Each zone contains the key to the next, and to get to each zone key you’ll need to solve three or four puzzles and games in each.
Most are straightforward, so hopefully you won’t need to use this guide too much! But there are a couple of puzzles that are a bit trickier.
Good luck, and enjoy!

Hint Guide

This section will give you nudges towards how to handle each puzzle in the various zones. If you are truly stuck, check out the walkthrough section for that zone to get the solution.

The Apartment

Not much to do here other than to read the note and get moving! You’ll need to unlock the front door though…

Hint Guide: Bank

What did Max’s note say about where you need to go first? And how can you get there? Have a look around…
You’ll need to find your way to the Vault to see what you’re up against. But remember Max’s note – what sort of key would you need? Does anything look out of place that you might be able to use?
Are there any notes on the pinboard that could help you work out what item you need?
Once you’re ready, head to the Antechambers and use your key to get to the first zone…

Hint Guide: Tomb Zone

Welcome to Egypt! You’ve been ported in looking at something in particular….start there and see if you can find some literature to guide you.

Golden Objects Puzzle

Once you’ve got the first clue, have a look around the zone and see if you can find anything which matches the text you’ve just read. Don’t forget to look at objects properly for clues.

Jars and Buttons Puzzle

If you worked out the combination for the lock, use the key to get your next clue. Peer through the window – perhaps pushing a few of the buttons will give you an idea of what to do next?
And the height of items in the drawing won’t be coincidental…

Balance Puzzle

Armed with the black key, you can move to your next clue.
Think about the colours of the sun and sky and how they might be represented….and what does the clue say about balance?
Figure out which objects can be used to balance the scale and you should be onto your next clue.

Balls Puzzle

By now, you should have all the balls you need to fit them into the key slot on the back wall. Simply match the hint you’ve collected!

Hint Guide: Toy Zone

Time for some games…You can play these in any order – four keys are what you need to get the Dungeon key.


You’ve got to sink their ships…a little test of memory for you here!


Pull out the red blocks only. Be careful not to let the other blocks fall, or you’ll have to go the long way round to the key…

Cards Puzzle

The Pumpkin demands payment. Try and work out what value each card has based on the configurations shown.
And remember, Pumpkins don’t wear suits!

Shooting Hoops Puzzle

The scrap of paper on the floor will help you understand what you have to do here.
You’ll need to drop the mini-basketball into the puzzle yourself each time.

Hint Guide: Dungeon Zone

You beam in looking at the key to the next zone. Now to get to it…look around the first chamber and see if you can find anything that will help you on your way.

Books Puzzle

Can any of the books be selected? What happens when you select them?
Have a look at your hint sheets and see if you can work out what order the shelves should be in…

Skulls and Axe Puzzle

You’ll need to match the skulls layout to that found on your hint sheet. What happens when you push a skull?
If you’re struggling with this one, perhaps you’re ‘feeble of mind’? That might present another route for you that doesn’t involve scratching your skull….

Pressure Plates Puzzle

You could ‘brute force’ your way through this one, but it would be more fun to work it out, wouldn’t it?
Can you determine which letters to step on, and in what order? What has told you this information before?

Hint Guide: Victorian Zone

You land facing a cabinet containing your prize – the vault card! But to get it, you’re going to need a combination…
Four digits. Fortunately, there are four rooms in this zone…

Kitchen Puzzle

See what’s cooking! That should tell you how to ‘organise’ your kitchen. If you get it right, any sign of a number?

Study Puzzle

Hunt around for three objects to help you in this room. Where should they go? And what happens when you put them where they should go? Do they point to any new information?

Bedroom Puzzle

I love a good read before bedtime, don’t you?
Be sure to check out objects properly. What could possibly go in those four dishes?

Drawing Room Puzzle

Have a look around and see if you can find a clue as to what you need to do here. A bookshelf is always a good place to start…
And remember it’s not just about alignment, but time too.

Getting the Vault Card

So you should have four digits noted down now. What order do they go in? Perhaps the rooms you got them from could give you a hint…

Hint Guide: The Vault

There’s no hint for this one – just go and take your prize!


This section will give you the steps you need to take to progress through the Escape Room. Use the hint guide section if you’d prefer just a nudge in the right direction rather than the full answer.

The Apartment

Walk over to the desk, read the note, and take the key from underneath. Use the key on the door and head to the bank.

Bank Main Lobby

Go behind the bank desk and walk to the end – there is a briefcase closed. Open it and take the back office key.
Open the door marked ‘Employees Only’ and make your way through to the back office. Take the Egyptian statue from the shelves by the gla*s door, then make your way through to the Antechambers.
Place the Tomb Key on the pedestal in front of the Egyptian door and make your way through to the first zone.

Walkthrough: Tomb Zone

Open the briefcase in front of you and take the book. The words in bold tell you which order you need for the combination chest behind you.

Golden Objects Puzzle

Turn around and head round the corner to the shelf with the golden artefacts on. Closely examine each item and find the number scribbled on each.

  • Goblet: 4
  • Falcon: 1
  • Sphinx: 0
  • Anubis: 8
  • Ram: 3

Use that combination 41083 on the lock behind you (you will need to crouch to see the number alignment). Take the blue key from within and go around the corner to the blue chest.

Jars and Buttons Puzzle

Take the balls and the notebook. On the notebook drawing, the shape of the pots and the height of the spears coming out of them is the solution to this puzzle.
Head round to the window and push the following buttons:

  • 1st
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 6th

You’ll hear the stone slab to your right open up and you can take the black key.
Open up the black chest in the corridor and take the balls and the note.

Balance Puzzle

On the note, note the words ‘sun’, ‘sky’, ‘sand’ and ‘water’.
Go over to the balance scales and have a look at the orbs on the shelf to your right. Pick up the Water orb and the Sand orb.
The Water orb goes on the right scale (under the ‘Azure’ colour) and the Sand orb goes on the left (under the ‘Sun’ colour).
The sarcophagus to your left opens and gives you the red key. Open the red chest in the corridor to take more balls and the key card.

Balls Puzzle

Take the remaining balls from the tray in the statue next to the ball key slot. You should now have nine balls in your inventory. Match the balls to the right slots based on the diagram, noting that the diagram might be rotated (the black splodge in the top right matches a similar marking on the key slot panel – this shows you which way round it should be).
The correct placement of balls is as follows:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Tomb Zone - D573F9B6B
Turn to your left and wait for the statue to finish rotating, then take the key from the basket. You can now open the red stone door at the far end of the zone. Progress through, take the rocket key, and move to the next zone.

Walkthrough: Toy Zone

Time for some games…You can play these in any order – four keys are what you need to get the Dungeon key.


Use the plan of the battleships behind the wall to work out which squares you need to put a red pin in on the board in front of the wall. If you get them all right, the wall should drop and the cupboard to your left will reveal the first key.
The pins should be placed as follows:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Toy Zone - 21F2D6C8C
Grab the key and head to the Jenga blocks.


Pull out the red blocks only. Drag them out and make sure each block touches the floor.
If completed, the cupboard will open and give you the key.
If any of the other blocks touch the floor, the cupboard will lock and you’ll need to enter the maze behind the jenga blocks. It’s a short maze so you should easily find your way to the cupboard at the end. Open the cupboard and the wall to your right will open, allowing you back into the main area with your second key.

Cards Puzzle

Ignoring the suits, the values of the cards equate as follows:

  • King = 500
  • Queen = 50
  • Ace = 100

So to solve the final card configuration, the value is one each of K, Q and A = 650.
Take one each of the 50, 100 and 500 chips from the shelf and place in the pumpkin to open the cupboard. Grab the key and move round to the final game in this zone.

Shooting Hoops Puzzle

Take the mini basketball marble from the control panel. The game here is to rotate the blocks in the puzzle to create a path for the basketball to follow when you drop it from above.
You’ll need to press the buttons on the console to rotate the blocks.

  • The red buttons rotate one piece
  • The yellow buttons rotate two or three pieces at a time
  • The blue button rotates all pieces in one go.

The quickest solution is to press the red buttons in the following order:

  • Button 1 and 2, then drop the ball in the top (on the long slope) to shoot the right basket
  • Press button 1 again to rotate that piece back, drop the ball in again to shoot the left basket
  • Press button 3, then drop the ball in for a final time to shoot the middle basket

Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Toy Zone - 3D8328010
The physics in the game engine is occasionally a little wonky, so if it doesn’t quite trigger the basket by following the above, try again without changing the blocks and it should trigger on the second try.
Now you have all four keys, go to the chalice box and match the right colour key to the lock in each corner. Move through the portal to the Dungeon zone.

Walkthrough: Dungeon Zone

The clock through the gate in front of you is the key to exit this zone.
In the main room, take the three hint sheets from the two chairs and the bench. Look under the bottles to confirm the letters you need for the final game.

Books Puzzle

Walk towards the gate by the bookcases and it will automatically open on your approach.
Look at each bookshelf and check the item on top – that matches with the diagram in your inventory. The diagrams show the layout of the books on each shelf. Click the single books to move them either left or right. Match the layouts to the hint sheet:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Dungeon Zone - 4910A3366

Skulls and Axe Puzzle

You can progress through this zone in two ways. You can either solve the skulls puzzle, or rotate the axe on the wall to move through the mist maze.
The skulls press in and out, moving the skulls adjacent to them at the same time. You need to match the skulls to the pattern on the hint sheet, so that the coloured squares are skulls pressed into the wall.
There are many ways to achieve this, but the quickest way from the starting position is to press the five skulls in the following sequence:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Dungeon Zone - 20A30EB96
If you’d rather, you can enter the mist maze. Rotate the axe and step through the grate. Your vision will start to be impaired – you need to move around the barrels to reach the door on the other side. The barrel configuration from above is as follows:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Dungeon Zone - CCDB39034
Once through the final door, you will have your vision restored and you can move on to the next puzzle.

Pressure Plates Puzzle

The hint sheet shows that you need the letters from the bottles in the order shown, which equates to the word MEAD.
Step on M in the first row, E in the second and so on. If you step on another block, your path will be blocked and you’ll be ported back to the start.
Once you reach the end, the gate will open and you can grab the clock key and move to the next zone.

Walkthrough: Victorian Zone

You start facing the cabinet you need to unlock to get the vault card. There are four numbers in the combination, one collected from each of the four rooms in this zone.

Kitchen Puzzle

Open the cooker and grab the book. The configuration shown is the cupboards in the kitchen that you need to open, and in what order. The remnants of spaghetti on the table shows that you need the configuration on the right hand page to proceed.
Open the cupboards as follows:
Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job - Escape Simulator - Walkthrough: Victorian Zone - 8B1887BE3
The fridge will open, revealing the number 7. This is the first number for the vault key.

Study Puzzle

Find the three aeroplane models in the cupboard, cabinet and box. Open the cabinets A, B and C and place the planes in accord to the corresponding letter on the statue. When placed, the red triangle will point to the number you need to enter on the cabinet dial.

  • Case A should be set to 8
  • Case B should be set to 4
  • Case C should be set to 3

That will open the draw in the cabinet, revealing a key which you can use to unlock the bottom right cupboard in the same unit. Open the door to reveal the next number in your vault key combination: 5.

Bedroom Puzzle

Pick up the magazine by the bed and check the front and back covers. The items on the dressing table relate to the magazine. You will need to pick up:

  • Rose Tonic
  • Apple Miracle Lotion
  • Orange Oil Lotion
  • Alpaca Caffeine Conditioner

Put them in the four bowls (any order) and the picture will swing down to reveal the third number in the combination: 1.

Drawing Room Puzzle

Pick up the book in the bookcase and note the cross against the right hand page.
You need to press the buttons against Jupiter and Saturn to ‘raise’ them, then open the grandfather clock and set the time to midnight. The picture above the fireplace will swing open, revealing the final number in the combination: 8.

Getting the Vault Card

Go to the case in the corridor and enter the code 7518.
The case will open. Grab the vault card and the bookcase behind you will swing open to reveal a portal back to the Antechamber.

Walkthrough: The Vault

Once you have the vault card key and have gone through the bookcase portal back to the Antechamber main room, press the ‘Office Vault’ button on the wall to teleport back to the Vault corridor.
Go through to the vault, open up the access panel on the right, inset the key card, and take your prize!

Written by Blackwinter

I hope you enjoy the Walkthrough and Hint Guide for Blackwinter Tales: Inside Job – Escape Simulator guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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