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Walkthrough – Leap of Faith 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough – Leap of Faith 1 - steamclue.com

Walkthrough for the chapters 1-3.


This is a walkthrough for the first three chapters in the game.
I tried to get as many personality points as possible.
– normal choices
!- impact choice
# choices on your phone
* take a photo

Day 1, Chapter 1 Cinderella

– Enter your name
Choose your first personality point
– Flirty (+1 Flirty)
Walkthrough - Leap of Faith - Day 1, Chapter 1 Cinderella - BE932DB38Macho would be a better label for Athletic
– Phone tutorial
– I’m in
At MaKenzie
– Excuse Chris’ joke and compliment her
– Personality
– I prefer br*asts
On your way home you get a message and a picture from Chris
# You suck at taking pictures
You find Kiras number on your coffee and use the chat function of your phone
# Thx her for the FapFrappy
Now you should also sent a message to Stephanie
# I dreamt about you last night
Meet Kira and Robin at the bowling alley
– Give her a kiss on the cheek
– Take a quick sneak at Kira’s bo*bs
– Cocktail
– Surprise me
– I kinda like you, to be honest, +1 Flirty
– Of course (whistle), +1 Athletic
– It’s been a while
* Shoot photo of Kira’s butt
– Kiss her
– Goofy selfie
– Walk you home
– No
Cece at the bus stop
– Ask where she’s going
– Waiting for someone
– Ask if she needs money
– Probably not a good time for a drink
– Offer her to stay at your place

Day 2, Chapter 1

Get a message from Kira and chat with Chris
– Text Chris
#Ask for an extra ticket for Metronome
– Tell her, no Metronome tickets
# Nah, I’ll be thinking about you
Talk with Chris
– I like her
* Take a photo of Lexi
– Ask her to take a picture with Chris
– Beautiful
* Take a photo of Lexi
At Stephanie’s place
– Wee need to talk…
– Give in
– Loose the panties
– Move to the couch
– Turn around
– Move on? (end scene)
– Stop, +1 Romantic, (if you continue 2 times you get +1 Athletic instead)

Day 3, Chapter 2 First Kiss

In the hospital with Cece
– Ask if she’s ok
– Comment on her change
– Ask about her friend
– Ask about her family
– Ask about her family
– Invite her to stay at your place
At home on your phone
#Chris: Call him back
Look at Kira’s Nüke post from the bowling.
#That a*s looks familiar
Chat with Kira:
#Flirty reply
Playing games with Robin
– Tell her you rejected her (truth)
– Don’t tell her
– Tighten…
– What happened?
– Of course not
– Video games
– Continue
– You are beautiful, +1 romantic, (the alternative “This was just what I needed” gets you +1 Athletic)

Day 4, chapter 2

In your flat
Chat with Kira
#Are you okay?
# Flirty goodbye
Chat with Robin
# Something tells me I should have stayed the night
Chat with Linda
Cleaning dance
– …end with a flex, +1 Athletic
– whatever, +1 Flirty
– Text Chris
Shopping at Ashley’s
– You should have said something
– Tell him you had s*x with her
– I am
* Shoot a photo of Cece and Linda
When Chris is sleeping you should open Nüke and answer to his post to get Lexi’s number.
# I have to reply to that
# Good luck
– Make eye contact with Linda (this is the first time where you have to choose between girls)
* Take a Photo of Linda
– Join in

Day 5, Chapter 3 Leap of Faith

Your flat
# Choose music on your phone and download Lexi’s songs.
# Set Crazy as your default ring tone.
Outside with Kira
– Get up, +1 Romantic (alternative “Flex a bit and show off”, + 1 Athletic)
– Agree and hint you like her
– Tell her you had s*x with Robin
– Can you explain it a bit more repeat this choice a few times and you find an easter egg
!- Yes, I’d be ok with a two girls relationship
* Shoot a photo of Kira sucking at her straw
Your phone: In the gallery you can click on the picture and upload it to Nüke.
#Look at this. Isn’t it adorable?
Cafe with Robin and Kira
– How about a little challenge
– Look at Kira
– Flirty, +1 Flirty
– Go with Kira (This is the first time you have to choose between 2 different scenes. If you go home directly, you see the nak*d Cece and have a conversation with her.)
Kira’s flat
Have fun with Kira. After the first round:
– But what about my party trick
Talking with Chris
– Of course I like her
Your flat
Phone: You get a message from Lexi.
# Chat with her
#Flirty response
Answer Kira’s message.
Answer the new Nüke post from Stephanie.
#Good luck
– Look at Linda
– Look at Cece
– Relax for a bit

Day 6, Chapter 3

On the plane
* Take a selfie when you are standing in the door of the airplane and upload it to Nüke.
# Having the time of my life.
– … you are just too sweet
Now you should make a save, because the request from Lexi should be in a certain time frame. If you are too slow you fail the quest and if you are too fast it’s not the perfect solution (but you can see her topless).
Perfect solution:
– Callout for Linda
– Go fetch the drinks
– Peek, (“Don’t Peek” for the topless Lexi)
– Give her the Mojito
* Take a photo of Lexi
Phone: Choose music and start the party.
# Connect to external speakers
# Lexi Diamante – Crazy
– Dance with Cece
– Dance with Linda
In the limousine
* Take a photo of Linda
* Take a photo of Robin
* Take a photo of Cece
* Take a photo of Lexi
* Take a photo of Kira
Lexi’s home
– Tell her you got fired, +1 Romantic
Intimacy control:
– nervous
– her
– what comes next
– pleasure
– being aroused
– imagination
– br*asts
– overwhelmed


This guide was made because I love this game.
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Written by Melone

Here we come to an end for the Walkthrough – Leap of Faith guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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