Walkthrough plus all achievements – Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die!

Walkthrough plus all achievements – Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough plus all achievements – Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! 1 - steamclue.com

Walkthrough and achievements

Part 1

Forenote, when i say talk to someone, i imply that you exhaust all topics.
Steam censors the word Ape**** so i shortened his name to Ape.
There are some mini games when you encounter them save the game, solve the puzzle, then load and skip it, because both will have achievements, but only the skipped ones count towards the end (else you have to play the game twice).
The puzzles you can skip are:
-The bear face puzzle in the hospital.
-The tapes in the trailin’ park.
-The sewer, the second part trying to get into the vault.
-The security bot in the vault.
-The audience on fire in the end.
-The casket at the coffin shop.
Hope you have fun.
Pick up syringe.
Pick up toilet paper.
Use toilet paper on toilet.
Pick up mysterious goo.
Use sink to wash you hands 3 times (#achievement Germ Free Adolescents).
Walk to bar.
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to Methany (she calls the plumber, and wants something appreciative).
Talk to Gambler (he needs some lucky talismans).
Talk to Horse (seems he got some lucky shoes).
Use mysterious goo on window.
Walk to the toilet.
Click on toolbox to get a screwdriver.
Walk back to the bar.
Talk to Methany about the dirty window.
Use screwdriver on beer advertis*ment.
Talk to horse again (say it’s a japanese night).
Give four-leaf clover to gambler.
Give horsehoes to gambler.
Use quarter on jukebox.
Click on flowers to get them.
Give flowers to Methany.
Give beer to Leo.
Talk to Leo.
St Bernard Medical Center:
Use syringe on nurse.
Go to the right and click on pile of magazines to take one.
Enter the rightmost door to enter the recovery room.
Recovery room:
Pickup hospital food.
Click lifesupport cable.
Click tv cable.
Talk to Ape.
Outside Deluxe ivory High-rise:
Talk to paparazzi.
Use rock magazine on Hi-tech facial scanner.
Inside Deluxe ivory High-rise:
Use rock magazine on facial scanner.
Use rotten hospital food on Angus Beef.
Click on videocamera to get a tape.
Click on couch to get a remote control.
Use remote control on Super deluxe home entertainment system.
Use sax tape on Super deluxe home entertainment system.
Click on painting to reveal a safe.
Click on safe to get some tasteful erotic photos.
Outside Deluxe ivory High-rise:
Use universal remote control on sign (#achievement With the Lights Out).
Give sax tape to paparazzi.
Use photo of Demon on Hi-tech facial scanner.
Open the door to the right.
Bob Dog’s Nonstop Hot Dogs:
Click on help wanted sign.
Talk to Bob Dog (ask about the job).
Talk to Leo.
Click on salmon to take it.
Use salmon on pot.
Talk to Bob Dog about the new recipe (i have created a new food).
Outside Deluxe ivory High-rise:
Talk to paparazzi and say the restaurant got salmonella.
Use photo of Demon on Hi-tech facial scanner.
St Bernard Medical Center:
Go to the recovery room.
Recovery room:
Use universal remote control on tv.
Talk to patient.
Use screwdriver on patient.
Give universal remote control to patient.
Click on Ape.
Use screwdriver on Ape.
Use heart medicine on Teddy.
Use feel-good medicine on Teddy.
Use heart medicine on giant face.
Use feel-good medicine on giant face.
Click on mouth.
Click on the body parts so that the Teddy has a brown fur, white eyes and red bandana
it’s a bit trial and error, if done correctly you get the (#achievement Where is My Mind?).
The Den:
Talk to Ape/Leo.
The Drunk Skunk:
Give screwdriver to plumber.
The Den:
Click sewer.
You have to click the valves in the correct order to raise the bars.
Now if you put a number to the valves like this:
1 2
3 4
Then turn them in this order: 3,4,2,1,2
Wait 10 minutes (don’t leave the screen and do something else) for the (#achievement Try not to Breathe).
Go left, and use heart medicine on trash.

Part 2

Guitar case on the sea:
Click guitar case for some guitar strings.
Use strings on guitar case.
Use rock magazine on empty bottles.
Talk to dolphin.
Use guitar strings and the dolphin returns you to the den.
The Den:
Talk to Ape/Leo.
The Decibelerium:
Click the 666 note on the info board.
Talk to salesperson to receive a sticker.
Talk to Mutt.
Give sticker to Mutt.
Give tasteful erotic photos to Mutt.
Pick up ba*s guitar.
Pick up distortion pedal.
Use distortion pedal on heavy metal amplifier.
Use ba*s guitar on distortion pedal.
Exit and you automatically return the stuff.
The Den:
(#Achievement Playing with the Boys).
Talk to Ape.
Leo’s cabin:
Open door.
Click on bread (to get slice of bread and blood).
Whisker’s a go go:
Click on hat to steal some money.
Talk to Cow busker.
Talk to street vendor.
Give money to street vendor for the gla*ses.
Use blood on crossroads.
Click on pentagram.
Talk to devil to sell your soul.
The Den:
Give Drum-playing system to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Use slice of bread on moonshine still.
Leo’s cabin:
Use nose gla*ses on bee. (#achievement The Thing That Shoulds not Bee).
Talk to bee.
Give Devil’s lettuce to bee.
Give bread with moonshine to the birds.
Open door.
Use feel-good medicine on Juice-o-matic 4000.
Use drug honey on Juice-o-matic 4000.
Use fermented berries on Juice-o-matic 4000. (#achievement Somebody Put Something in My Drink).
Give “special” smoothie to Leo.
Talk to Leo.
Whisker’s a go go:
Use Ape’s piercing on mime.
Pick up badge that just dropped.
Use mime police badge on bouncer.
Enter door.
Talk to singer (“how is the soundcheck going?”, “The show’s ♥♥♥♥ soloist suffers from syphilis”).
Talk to club promoter.
The Den:
Click the note on the door.
Open door to watch a rehearsal.
(#achievement Playing with the Boys).
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to girl.
Talk to Methany (ask to borrow her phone and come the show).
Use Methany’s phone on girl.
Select MegaBabezilla69.
Use ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥’s party notice on girl.
The Den:
Click on left door.
Click “Can i come in?” “I’ve come to read the meter.” “The iambic pentameter?”.
Talk to DJ Hellaphant.
Talk to party host.
Use Ape’s piercing on box of chocolates.
Click on table to unveil the piano.
Talk to the female pinguin on the right (Why aren’t you dancing?”).
Click on dance floor to scare away the guests.
Go back to The Den.
The Den:
Click on ba*s guitar.
The Decibelerium:
Use gig posters on info board/notes.
Talk to salesperson (ask about van).
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to Leo
Talk to band members.
Use gig posters on window.
Then Den:
Use gig posters on graffiti.
Whisker’s a go go:
Use gig posters on posters.
Take shark movie poster.
Talk to the rodent prisoner on the right.
Give tablecloth to prisoner.
Pick up metal bar.
Use metal bar on soap.
Use soap on toilet bucket.
Kick the bucket.
Use metal bar with jail bars.
Click police officer.
Use prison key on lock.
Click police records.
Talk to Captain Acab.
Talk to Prince of Thieves.
Use shark movie poster on bulletin board.
Use gig posters on bulletin board.
Talk to Captain Acab.
The Decibelerium:
Talk to salesperson about renting a van.
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to Leo.
Give band photos to Leo.
The Decibelerium:
Give pile of money to salesperson.
Get tanning oil.
Walk to gas station
Gas station:
click magnet stand.
Use tanning oil on oil shelf.
Get caster oil.
Use caster oil on food cart.
Talk to tow truck man.
Use tourist magnet on compa*s.
Outside club:
Get garden shears left of the church.
Inside club:
Open club door.
Talk to bouncer.
Talk to bartender.
Talk to band members.
Click party laser.
Outside club:
Use badly aged alcohol on bird bath.
Climb ladder.
Club roof:
Use glue on telescope.
Talk to bird (say there is rum in the bird bath).
Use garden shears on power lines.
Use party laser on dangerously exposed lines.
Use super charged laser on telescope.
Use laser on all possible targets, especially the baseball stadium.
Inside club:
Talk to the bouncer
Talk to the bartender.
Talk to the band members.
Outside club:
Use garden shear on topiary.
Change the jesus sign board and glorify alcohol.
Talk to the group of young people next to the church.
Enter club (you get kicked out).
Inside Club:
Use nose gla*ses on bouncer.
(#achievement We will rock you.)
Now it’s your band’s turn to do a show.
Outside club:
Use prison key on police car.
Use prison key on band members.
Use super strong handcuffs with van.
Use metal bar on police car.
Another Crash:
Get road marking painting.
Click on road.
Talk to ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Use road marking painting on Apehshit.
The Den:
Use garden shears on meat van.
Click on trash cans.
Use piece of metal on plant.
Throw when it’s precisely in the center.
Use rotten hors d’oeuvres on meat van.
The Drunk Skunk:
Get newspaper (read cla*sifieds ads).
Talk to Ape/Leo/Mutt.
Talk to studio guy.
Talk to Ape/Leo/Mutt.
Use everybody’s savings on jukebox.
(#achievement Jukebox Hero).
Give everybody’s savings to studio guy.
Talk to Ape/Leo/Mutt.
Hotel room:
Get imflatable sheep.
Use imflatable sheep on balloons.
Get mirror.
Get sugar.
Click on pants.
Exit left door.
The Courtesan casino lobby:
Talk to hooker for free hook sample.
Talk to doormouse.
Talk to gambler(s).
When you lose too much (#achievement Born to Lose).
Use hook on gambling wheel.
Use imflateable sheep on gambling wheel.
Use hook on painting.
Use mirror on hook.
Use playing card on the dog gambler with the gla*ses.
Wait till the gamblers are awake.
Talk to gamblers.
Give poker winnings to doormouse.
The Courtesan casino theater:
Give sugar pack to Roadie 3 times (#achievement Snowblind).
Talk to Roadie.
Talk to Pony.
Outside The Courtsan casino theater:
Talk to gambler.
Give crew pa*s to construction worker.
Enter construction site.
Construction site:
Talk to construction worker.
Use sugar on setting cement.
Use snare drum on cement mixer.
Use garden shears on car.
Use concrete wheel on car.
Trailin’ park:
Talk to Leo.
Talk to Bob.
Look at sausage freezer.
Studio Trailer:
Talk to studio guy.
Trailin’ park:
Talk to Bob.
Use crew pa*s on Bob Dog.
Use drum on Bob Dog.
Click electrical outlet.
Use lard on Leo.
Use fresh mints on keg.
Go back to studio trailer.
Studio Trailer:
Talk to studio guy.
Use Mutt’s Mom’s phone on studio guy.
Use Mutt’s Mom’s phone on microphone.
This puzzle is straightforward, you have to put the biggest tape on the left, and so on.
Check pile of crap.
Use razorblade on studio guy.
St Bernard Medical Center:
Talk to Leo.
Follow him.
Click on brochures.
Go back to the nurse and give the mental health brochure.
Go back to the room where Leo is.
Click 5th door to get a token.
Click 4th door.
Give ink paper to corpulent gentleman.
Use lard on backpack.
Exit the room to pick up Leo.
The Den:
Talk to mouse hole.
Use spider on mouse hole.
Talk to mouse hole (have you tried the web?).
Click on mouse hole.
Coffin shop:
Talk to salesman.
Click products to get toilet paper.
Remove the cloth from the obelisk.
Go to cemetery.
Talk to drunky duckling to get a feather.
Outside cemetery:
Check merchandise.
Use feather on disappearing ink.
Use quill on notepad (it doesn’t matter what you choose).
Talk to ♥♥♥♥.
Use quill on insobriety token.
Give sobriety token to ♥♥♥♥.
Use summer balloon on ghost blanket.
The Den:
Use quill on poster.
(#achievement Don’t you (forget about me)).

Part 3

Coffin shop:
Use ghost balloon on mausoleum.
Use garden shears on incinerator.
Use blood on floor slab.
Click on pentagram.
Talk to Devil.
Use Mutt’s Mom’s Phone on Devil (#achievement Sympathy for the devil).
Click pentagram.
Talk to devil (he seems interested in the space burial capsule).
Use toilet paper on sarcophagus. (#achievement Welcome to My Nightmare).
Outside cemetery:
Click on dumpster, and fix the coffin puzzle. (#achievement Man in the Box)
Enter cemetery.
Click wheel barrow.
Talk to Leo (get lyrics).
Talk to Mutt (get diamond).
Talk to Father Mantis.
Talk to organist.
Use Mutt’s Mom’s phone with Father Mantis (#achievement Disturbing the Priest).
Outside cemetery:
Talk to ♥♥♥♥ (he has a bible).
Give engagement ring to ♥♥♥♥.
Enter cemetery.
Press the F key on the keyboard (#achievement R-E-S-P-E-C-T).
Give bible to Father Mantis.
Use LGBT lyrics on organist.
Talk to Mrs. Ape.
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to Leo/Mutt.
Talk to Frog bartender.
Whisker’s a go go:
Talk to Cow Busker.
Talk to Frog bartender.
Talk to Bank yuppie.
Give beer to Bank yuppie.
Talk to Bank yuppie.
Click briefcase.
Whisker’s a go go:
Enter door.
Talk to promoter.
Click on pyrotechnic equipment.
Use stage light on bar.
The Den:
Enter sewer.
(#achievement Maze of Torment).
Outside the bank:
Use quill on crocodile.
Talk to crocodile.
Use garden shears on crocodile.
Use TNT on wall.
Click hole in the wall.
Inside uhm ducky’s room:
Get Baby powder.
Get Bubble bath bottle.
Use Bubble bath bottle on bath.
Get rubber ducky.
Use candle on shelf.
Click hole into the vault.
Outside vault:
Use rubber ducky on bank yuppie.
Use baby powder on keypad.
Click on keypad.
Click 6,6,6.
Enter vault.
Inside vault:
Use bank keycard with scanner.
Click on wiring (another puzzle).
Use razorblade on the wire next to the domination inhibitor sign.
Use wire on wires.
I don’t if this puzzle is random but you need to click on the disarm button
and then correspond the blinking red lights with the green lights.
Round 1:Click the green buttons in this order: 6,1,4,3.
Round 2:Click disarm and the green buttons in this order: 4,2,1,3,6,4
Round 3:Click disarm and the green buttons in this order: 2,5,4,6,5,3
If you do this correctly without setting off the alarms you get an achievement
(#achievement No Alarms and No Surprises)
Enter the left door.
The Drunk Skunk:
Talk to Father Francis.
Talk to Methany.
Outside Elementary school:
Talk to Wooly Bully.
Talk to Mutt.
Click entrance.
Inside Elementary school:
Check door to teacher’s lounge on the right.
Talk to janitor.
Go to party.
Check door on the right.
Talk to Kid in a hoodie.
Use Tunabomber manifesto on Mr. Shuttlecock.
Talk to Mr. Shuttlecock.
Talk to Lisa.
Talk to Demon.
Give tunabomber disguise to Demon.
Talk to Lisa.
(#achievement It’s a Kind of Magic).
Talk to Leo.
Talk to Teresa.
Talk to Mutilated kid (he has a saw).
Talk to Bunny twins.
Talk to Squid Kid.
Exit the school.
Outside Elementary school:
Use saw on tree.
Use razorblade on window.
Go back to party.
Check buffet table.
Talk to Mr. Shuttlecock.
Use razorblade on pumpkins.
Inside Elementary school:
Use pumpkin pieces on middle garbage can.
Talk to janitor (someone put garbage in the wrong bin).
Close lid.
Click janitor.
Use school keys on teacher’s lounge and enter it.
Teacher’s lounge:
Check first and second locker.
Use drum tape on PA system.
Use old photo of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on photocopier.
Go back to party.
Give test answer book to squid kid.
Talk to squid kid for some ink.
Use school keys on door.
Enter door.
Talk to lunch lady.
Give cigarettes to lunch lady.
Use gazpacho with red spice.
Teacher’s lounge:
Use ink bottle on photocopier.
Use empty bottle on coffee maker.
Use old photo of ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on photocopier.
Outside Elementary school:
Use leather mask on Mutt.
Use extra-spicy gazpacho on confetti canon.
Talk to Mr. Shuttlecock.
Use extra-spicy gazpacho on confetti canon.
Use saw on pipe.
give bottle of coffee to mutilated kid.
Talk to mutilated kid.
Talk to Leo (ready to start the show!).
Use gazpacho cannon.
Hit the kid in a hoodie on the left.
Hit the switch behind him.
Hit the bowl 4 times.
Hit the bunny on the right.
Hit the bowl behind her.
(#achievement Room on Fire).
Talk to audience.
(#achievement It’s all over Now, Baby Blue).
(#achievement Everything louder than Everyone Else, if you don’t touch
the volume slider ingame).
The End.
Or is it?
Wait for the credits to role, after you will see a bonus scene.
(#achievement Bonus Track).
If you spot any mistake please let me know, and you are okay to use this walkthrough elsewhere, but please just ask first okay?

Written by Lugum

This is all we can share for Walkthrough plus all achievements – Rock ‘n’ Roll Will Never Die! for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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