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Walkthrough – The Dark Journey 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough – The Dark Journey 1 - steamclue.com

walkthrough to achieve the different endings


After spawning in, turn to the right and there will be a cabin. Before starting down the path it is best to warm yourself in this cabin.
once warmed head down the path, the first cabin on the path contains supplies. Continue on the path to the next cabin with fencing. In here is a map, which is useful for the game.
from here there are four endings you can get.
Ending 1:
Make your way to the farm, it is labelled on the map. the farm can be identified by the corn field.
Walk through the corn, and exit from the other side. head into the barn and there will be fuel inside, as well as an area to rest and supplies. Once you have the fuel head to the boat and refuel the boat.
Ending 2:
everyone dies
Ending 3:
similar to ending 1, this time use the fuel to burn jakes body, hanging in a cabin you come across on your way to the farm.
Ending 4:
Head to the cemetery, here in the cabin towards the back is a key. you will also need the fuel from the farm. once these items have been collected, head to jakes house, fuel the generator and unlock the door, head upstairs to the room with the metal door, go into the room.

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