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Walkthrough – The Kobolds Left Behind 1 - steamclue.com
Walkthrough – The Kobolds Left Behind 1 - steamclue.com

a guide on how to beat the game and get all achievements.
its recommended you try to beat it yourself first with out this guide to maximize fun.
its a short game and its more fun figuring it out on your own.
unless you get stuck on a puzzle i guess.

Part 1 The Cave

controls to remember:
arrow keys to move.
enter = use
i = inventory
c while inventory open = combine
be on or next to a thing when you open the inventory and select an item using enter to use it with the thing you are near.
go back to the white fissure in the wall and use it.
then do so a second time for the achievement.
go down the path
use the door
go to the right
get the shovel
use on rubble
continue straight ahead
use the circle
talk with the kobolds
use the circle if its not sufficiently explained what is needed.
take the path on the right
go straight ahead till you hit the turn and go north then go east
take the pliers
go back out and take the first room to the north westwards from the graveyard
go up the small pa*sage
use pliers on radio
go out and take the second room to the north
use the book case
go west and follow the pa*s to the steam puzzle
the following combo solves the puzzle
Left lever
right button
left lever
left button
get the knife
once you have everything go back to the magic circle.
combine knife with book
use book on circle
use antenna on circle
use circle

Part 2 Sky Island

go east
use broken bridge
go west till you get to crossroads
go west
use crystal for dialog if you want
go south west of crystal where cup is, get it.
return to crossroads
go north
go right next to where the dragon head statue is spitting out water and use knife on water for achievement
go north into staff building
go to kitchen
use empty cup on fire in kitchen for achievement
get hot sauce from kitchen
get cooking recipe from kitchen
go to voice sealed door
use hot sauce
use door
get blueprints from room
exit and go east
use locked door
the combination lock is 232
take axe
take nails
go south out of building
use cup on the fountain water
go back to kitchen
use filled cup on fire
take hammer
go back out
use axe on tree
use newly acquired planks on tree for achievement
go back to the bridge and use the nails planks blueprints and hammer
go back to the crossroads to talk to the kobolds
go back over the bridge
use the door
congrats you now know how to beat the game.
now play again mashing enter to skip all the dialog and not doing anything extra for the achievements you already got,
and speedrun it for the last achievement.

Written by Zegian

I hope you enjoy the Walkthrough – The Kobolds Left Behind guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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