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Walkthrough – YUME 1 - steamclue.com

In this guide, I will explain how to earn (almost) every achievement step by step. I’ve replayed the game several times until I earn them all, so I’m not sure if it can be done in one go. Hopefully it can.
Note: As you play, you will unlock a total of 10 cutscenes. You will have to wait for all of them to end. Do not skip! It’s a requirement for one of the achievements.

Game Flow

The protagonist will start in a bas*ment. There is a badge near the exit, where the character on the picture below is standing.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - E0162F829

Take the badge and go upstairs. If you press M to open the map afterwards, you will see that you are in room 3 on the 1st floor (1F-3).
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 977DE306B

Go to the left. The first item you will take is a key.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 9B4E8856E

Proceed to the left and you will find a fragment of a photo.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 116C01B75

Go to 1F-1 to take another fragment. You will need the key to enter that room. It will be consumed automatically upon entering.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 0F2B5FCCA

Then go to 1F-4 to take the last fragment. You should have three fragments now.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - F86258CC5

Return to 1F-3 and interact with the photo on the wall.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - B1E2980B8

Here you can simply put the pieces back together and complete the photo.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 434CA1A45

Now go to 2F-2 through 1F-2 and search for two coins. Locations are below.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 07B81A580
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - E0A783803

Then go to the right and try to open the door to 2F-3. A shadow will appear behind you.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - E9A90D559

Walk towards the shadow until you are close enough to trigger a cutscene. After the cutscene, you can take a grey object from the table.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - EAA0F3093

Then go to 2F-3 where you can take a plank.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 65867DA17

Then return to 2F-2 and go to 3F-2. There is another mini puzzle where the character on the picture below is standing.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 5745EF7A8

Now you will have to insert an item in the socket in middle. This will unlock a puzzle.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 6207CE165

It can be one of those two items below.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - DFDAEB150

If you insert the grey object that looks like a stone, a piece of purple heart will appear on the top right corner of your screen after you complete the puzzle. That’s just 1/4 of the heart, so you will have to complete 3 more puzzles in a specific way. The plank will remain in your inventory. Next, you will see nine buttons.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 5B0EA25D1

The goal here is to light them all up. It’s tricky so I recommend pressing them in this sequence, as shown below.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 506960EC3

Completing the puzzle will earn you two coins. Go to the left and take another coin.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 32E234107

Then go to 3F-1 and take the last coin. You should have 6 coins now.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 6A07FF571

Here you can save your progress too.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - A9EAE598C

Now return to 3F-2 and interact with the device whose location you can see on the picture below.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - B3B4C2D8C

Fill the six holes with your coins and then you can proceed to 3F-3.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - ADD642269

Enter 3F-3 and keep walking to the right until your character faint. After that, you will temporarily control a male character and start in 3F-5. Now go to 3F-6 a take a key from the floor.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - D61A9753D

Go to 3F-7 and interact with the furniture at the other end of the room. Only the man can enter this room, so don’t miss it if you want to earn every achievement.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 7236B6E5A

Next, go to 1F-4 to pick a towel on the ground.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - D7A2171CE

Then go to 2F-5 to retrieve a pair of chopsticks.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 391F0A77A

In that same room, go to the left and interact with the sink.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 2ECB17B2A

Here you can use the towel and the chopsticks to take a cup of water for the heroine. Place them on the top where there is supposed to be a valve.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 8040B9EC5

Return to the bed in 3F-5 and you will take control on the girl again. Go to 4F-2 and take a piece of paper. You will need the key you’ve found on the floor while you were controlling the man.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 6F822A03E

Proceed to 4F-1. There you can find another piece of paper and a matchbox.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - DDB5EE4A6
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - F5D7F5FA2

Interact with the candles.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 1056079AB

After the cutscene, you will find yourself on the other end of the same room. Return to the table and take the third piece of paper.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - F87CC8E6D

Go to 3F-4 and take a sheet music.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 82A9C446E

Then go to 3F-3 and take two more pieces of paper from a box next to the piano.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - DD08D614D

Now interact with the piano.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - DB9CEB1A7

This is the second puzzle that needs to be completed in a specific way in order to gain another heart piece. If you want that, then press the keys in the following sequence: 2 5 2 1 – 1 3 5. If you open the sheet, you will see that the correct sequence is 1 1 5 5 6 6 5 – 4 4 3 3 2 2 1. However, performing that song won’t earn you a heart piece.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - FA28B53EA

Now go to 5F-1 and find the last two pieces of paper. You need seven pieces total.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - D9F219BEC
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 64D4799A9

You can save your progress in this room as well, using the phonograph. I strongly recommend you to save your progress here. The next challenge will be time-limited and there are two outcomes – you either escape in time or don’t. If you want to see both endings, you won’t have to start from the beginning.
After you’ve picked the last two pieces of paper and saved your progress in that room, proceed to 5F-2 and interact with the desk.
Walkthrough - YUME - Game Flow - 2230545F0

Time-Limited Event

After the cutscene, you will start on the right side of the room. Go to the left and interact with the same desk again.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - E55950C5C

Now you will have to put the pieces together. After completing the puzzle, it will reveal four letters (Y U M E).
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - 33A8BB04D

Go to the right and unlock 5F-3 by inserting the pa*sword. DO NOT use the pa*sword “YUME” if you want to receive another heart piece. Use “LOVE” instead.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - 0D1E10DDE

Proceed to 5F-3 and go to the right side of the room. Interact with the device there.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - ECF5986F5

The goal here is to connect the two sides of the square by rotating the pieces; thus, completing the cable. To receive the last heart piece, try to make a fork, as shown below. It may not always work, but this is one of the solutions that worked for me. After you are done, press the switch.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - 9833D35FC

Now go to the right wall and turn the lights on.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - B7FB4E6D5

Then move your character here and press E to finish the game.
Walkthrough - YUME - Time-Limited Event - 6619A439A
If you have reached both endings without completing the purple heart, and if you are still missing the achievement for completing all puzzles, you can just load the game and start the time-limited challenge again. Thank you for using my guide and I hope it helped.

I hope you enjoy the Walkthrough – YUME guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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