Want more pilgrim coins? – Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Want more pilgrim coins? – Warhammer: Vermintide 2 1 - steamclue.com
Want more pilgrim coins? – Warhammer: Vermintide 2 1 - steamclue.com

Not enough coins? I’ll teach you some stuff.

How do I get more coins?

Stop spending your cash on trash. Most boons are trash and not worth getting. I’ll be going through each boon and rating it, so you can see where you’re wasting cash.

Boon Shrines?

Absolute garbage. Idiot trap. Never touch these. The chance of getting something good is tiny, and the chance of losing 200 coins is certain. (If you’re on the last level with full upgrades and extra cash, then you might try them.)

Boon Ratings

This list got really long. I ended up just deleting the whole trash tier, so if you don’t see a boon, it’s probably in the trash tier. If you don’t understand why, scroll down to the trash tier and read why.

Caxuatn’s Frenzy: Must Have

Taking damage grants 100% crit for 3 seconds. If you’re a clever rat, you can really break the game with this (hint: self-inflicted damage). Even if you aren’t, it’s still pretty solid. Excellent on Slaanesh levels, since hp draining mutator = 100% crit chance.

Taal’s Twinned Arrow: Must Have

Using a ranged weapon much? This is an excellent boon. It doubles your ranged damage.

Kalita’s Barter: Must Have

On ult, have a chance to spawn an item in your inventory. This can be a huge game-changer for generating a stock of items for events. Get this and farm items if you need to.

Manann’s Tempest: Must Have

Chain Lightning. This is an amazing boon. It increases your damage potential tremendously. Don’t believe me? Try it.

Sigmar’s Comet: Must Have

Double the bombs. Combine with an endless bomb potion. Enough said.

Addaloth’s Splendour: Must Have

Ranged crits explode. A bit like Chain Lightning. If you’re using ranged weapons a lot, this can be excellent.

50% Bomb Dupe: Good

Technically this is not a boon, but it needs to be on the list. Nothing like throwing 4 bombs in a row. A bit luck-based, but it’s high enough of a chance to be worth it.

Morgrim’s Resourcefulness: Good

Double shot after using consumable. It’s a worse version of Taal’s Twinned Arrow. Still good though.

Loec’s Wardance: Good

When you pop ult, you’ll gain 20% attack speed. Even if you save your ult a lot, it’s still good for emergencies.

Grimnir’s Implacability: Good?

Invulnerability when you get low hp. This is excellent if it procs. I do believe that it can be skipped, if you take a large hit though. Not verified, find out for yourself.

Explosion after killing elite: Good

I couldn’t find the name for this one. This is good for horde clear and gets better as difficulty increases, since elites are more common.

Asuryan’s Wrath: Good

Killing enemies with melee spreads damage to other enemies. Good for horde clear.

Shallya’s Rejuvenation: Good

Natural Regen. Good for keeping you topped up. Always helpful.

Ellinill’s Withering: Good

Extra damage against full hp targets is good. Not a game changer, but good. It will make horde clear a bit easier.

Ursun’s Fortitude: Good

Extra 50% hp is good.

Isha’s Embrace: Good

Increase healing by 50%. Good stuff.

Khsar’s Speed: Good

Increases attack speed by 10%. That’s good. No complaints.

Stromfel’s Savagery: Good

Killing 10 enemies quickly grants 20% attack speed. If someone else is killing everything, you might pa*s this one by.

Ualapt’s Cunning: Maybe

This can be great for maintaining HP during the run by healing from ammo boxes repeatedly. Only take this if you have excess coins. It won’t help you during an event.

Mork’s Onslaught: Maybe

Movement speed buff on ult. If you are speedrunning, this is good. It’s kind of average, otherwise.

Geheb’s Brawn: Maybe

Increased cleave on push. This is good for helping with horde clear. On some weapons this is useless, though.

The Lady of the Lake’s Vigil: Maybe

Share damage with allies. If you’re a tank, this can be a good way to protect your allies. If you’re not a tank, this might hurt you.

Xokha’s Duty: Maybe

Your ult reduces cooldown of allies ult by 10%. Only good if you are using your ult regularly.

Lileath’s Grace: Maybe

Unlimited dodges. You might already have unlimited dodges, depending on your weapon choice. A weapon with 6 dodges is basically unlimited. I’d recommend this boon for weapons with only 2 dodges.

Drakira’s Thirst: Maybe

Cooldown reduction for killing specials. Good on certain cla*ses. If you’re saving your ult for emergencies, then this is not very useful.

Valaya’s Brew: Maybe

Chance to use potion when ulting. Ulting a lot? Then this is a good one. Otherwise, it’s not that good.

Verena’s Inspiration: Maybe

-10% cooldown rate. This is a really small bonus, and useless on some cla*ses.

Ladrielle’s Meditation: Maybe

Cooldown Reduction when not taking damage. The trouble with this is that when the going gets tough, you won’t benefit from it. It will only help you when things are easy.

Trash Tier: Deleted

Many boons are trash tier, because 95% of the time, they will not do anything for you. They might save your run once in a blue moon, but the rest of your runs, they are just using up your coins. I don’t believe we should be spending coins on things that rarely make a difference. It’s better to buy things that are guaranteed to make you stronger, like upgrades and the good boons.

640 is a magic number

If you’re concerned about Swap Shrines, then keep 640 coins on hand for the last two levels. When you see an orange or red Upgrade Shrine, you will have the cash to get it. These appear on the last two levels, but are not guaranteed. Since a red Upgrade Shrine is not guaranteed, I would recommend using an orange Upgrade Shrine when you first see one, specifically on the weapon you are trying to keep.
It should be noted that Red and Orange weapons are generally more powerful than most boons. If you are choosing between a boon and an upgrade, take the upgrade.

Swap Shrines

Depending on which cla*s you are playing, Swap Shrines are a good way to save a bit of cash. A Swap Shrine is half price, compared to the Upgrade Shrine.

Grail Knight and Slayer

These guys have two melee weapons, which means you can gamble with one slot. Try your hand at getting a good weapon in your second slot. If you don’t get it, no problem, you still have your primary slot to use. Upgrade it later.

Witch Hunter Captain

Flense WHC is good with almost anything in melee (including candle). I would encourage you to learn all of his weapons to some level of competence, so that you can use Swap Shrines comfortably. Even his ranged weapons are all pretty good.


Kruber has 3 (4) ranged weapons, which are all generally competent. You should feel comfortable using Swap Shrines with his ranged slot.


Sienna’s melee picks are all secondary to her staves, so you might consider using a Swap Shrine for melee.

+ Pilgrim Coins

This is optional, but you can take a blue Upgrade Shrine to see if you get the + Pilgrim’s Coins enchantment. Green weapons get one chance at it. Blue weapons get two chances at it. It’s a gamble, but if you get it, then you will end up with more coins overall.

Written by Ghoul Hunter

This is all we can share for Want more pilgrim coins? – Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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