Waste production – IXION

Waste production – IXION 1 - steamclue.com
Waste production – IXION 1 - steamclue.com

Construction waste production

Waste per building

They don’t give you the amount generated by each building. Here’s a quick list that will help anyone do the math to manage waste.

Tech Lab: 1 cycle of waste at cycle start

Electronics Factory: One for every completed transform

Polymer Refinery – 1 per completed transformation

Steel Mill: 1 Per Completed Transform

Fusion Station: 1 for every completed transform

Crop Farm with Crop Farms (: 13 per completed transformation at x9 Fields

Algae Farm, (with Algae Plantations ()): 9 per transformed at x4 Plantations Plantations (+1 per additional plantation)

Nuclear Power Plant: 1 per Hydrogen

Housing waste

Housing waste is 1/20 pop every 15 cycles for crew quarters (or upgraded housing)

= 0.05 per 20 people per cycle —— and ———-1 waste per cycle at 40 pop

Cell Housing is one waste per 20 people every 5 cycles

= 0.2 per 20 pop per cycle ——–or———– 1 waster per cycle at 100 pop


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