Wattson’s ability overview – Apex Legends

Wattson’s ability overview – Apex Legends 1 - steamclue.com
Wattson’s ability overview – Apex Legends 1 - steamclue.com

The idea of this guide is to record and provide information on wattson’s abilities as a character in Apex Legends.

Pa*sive: Spark of genius

Pa*sive: Spark of genius
Carry (2) ultimate accelerants per inventory slot. Using an ultimate accelerant will charge your ultimate to (100%) when used. Pa*sively regenerates shields at a rate of (25) shield per (9) seconds.
-Note: receiving damage interrupts pa*sive shield regen for (5) seconds.

Perimeter security

Perimeter security: When nodes are placed they do nothing until they are connected with other nodes. Connecting (2) or more nodes erects a fence and only (2) nodes can be connected to any other single node at a time.
Nodes regenerate at a rate of (15)seconds per (1) node and can be carried up to a capacity of (4). Only (12) total nodes can be placed at once and will delete the oldest placed node should that limit be exceeded.

Node interactions

Standing in-between two nodes as a friendly unit will cause disruption in the connection, however as an enemy unit stands in the fence they will receive a (3) second stun – [Movement slow and prevents turning normally {Similar to an arc star}], receive (20) damage per tick every (3) seconds, and they will have their location pinged for you and your squad mates followed by a quote from Wattson alerting you that the fence has been triggered.
Nodes can be placed at a distance of up to (7) meters away from Wattson’s current position, and can be connected up to (18.5) meters away from each other. Wattson has an ALTERNATIVE ACTION to remove fences. normally picked up at (2) meters away through your interaction key bind, targeting a node and right clicking [AimDownSight] when you’re in you tactical will cause the node to be picked up as far away as (14) meters followed by a snap animation. From extensive testing this works similarly to bloodhound’s scan where your field of view is (45) degree visibility to pick up your nodes and will only pick up the most previously set node unless targeted individually by entering your tactical.
Nodes are not able to be placed on all terrains, obscurity prevents nodes from being set if the build height of the fence can not extend fully upwards or if an object exists between the nodes before connecting them.

Interactions ext.

-Interactions ext.
Fences will also cause caustic barrels to activate, break doors when contact is made, and can be obscured by Gibraltar’s bubble rendering all nodes ineffective that are cut off by the barrier.

Interception Pylon

Interception Pylon: When using this ultimate it’s important to note that ALL characters, friendly, or enemy, benefit or lament from the existence of pylon. Pylon intercepts incoming ordinance which lands inside the perimeter and the perimeter of pylon extends in a (12) meter radius from the pylon’s center. It can regenerate shields when standing inside from a pool of (250) shield points before it’s [Drained] but will continue to inhibit ordinance which falls in its perimeter. In addition to this it also regenerate tactical abilities (20%) quicker. Pylon charges at a rate of 33.3% per minute so it will have a (3) minute cooldown
-Note: The pylon, like fences, is affected by Line Of Sight, so should an object be between you and the pylon you won’t receive its buffs or ordinance protection should it not have direct Line of Sight of the ordinance that will fall within it’s perimeter.
~Tip~ pylon can be used to block entrances to doors and as a last resort, a barrier to soak damage and use as cover during a fire fight.

Wrapping up

I believe Wattson provides great utility for the team given her kit however, it’s not immediately apparent to new players picking up the character how best to utilize her. I’ve played her for over 10k kills and I think she’s really fun character to mess around with. In the future provided this guide does well I may decide to follow up by making a more in depth look at how to approach using her effectively for different scenarios. I’m not expecting anything since this is my first guide, but if you liked it I appreciate that you gave it a read through. Thanks. <3

Written by Agony

This is all we can share for Wattson’s ability overview – Apex Legends for today. I hope you enjoy the guide! If you have anything to add to this guide or we forget something please let us know via comment! We check each comment! Don’t forget to check SteamClue.com for MORE!

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