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Weppon Statystycs

Weapon Statistics - Prehistoric Hunt - Weppon Statystycs - B3FDEEE4D
*data from version 0.93.02
5. Hunter Rifle is the best overall rifle, unless there is an additional Surface Damage variable(s) when penetration is not factored. (Rifle is the best sounding rifle)
4. There is no Range variable, which should be 10/10 for .50 and ~7/10 for Hunter Rifle.
3. Shotgun has highest Surface Damage, but 0% Penetration Damage.
2. 0.700 accuracy (7%), .50 accuracy (20%), and Revolver accuracy (27%) are so low that they should be unusable in all situations.
1. .50 is the slowest, most expensive, 2nd most inaccurate, and 2nd poorest Value Factor weapon.
0. With all weapons having unfavorable (or worse) accuracy, it’s difficult to determine which weapon(s) has the most powerful and reliable 1-shot damage. (Likely Hunter Rifle)

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