What to do as a Beginner – Shadowverse

What to do as a Beginner – Shadowverse 1 - steamclue.com
What to do as a Beginner – Shadowverse 1 - steamclue.com

Short Guide what you should focus on and when you should
Of course everyone has a different approach but i guess mine is not bad 😉

Beginners Guide

1. Change missions to solo missions and do these daily missions
2. Play the main story
3. do solo achievements (like beating the ai in practice games)

Why would you do that?
Several reasons, first you learn the game and you already get a few packs, gold and cards. This can be boring for someone but it helps you a lot to get better, get more knowledge of the different cla*ses and find your favorite.
4. Regardless of your card pool or if you lose all the time do the events.
5. Play Open 6 and Take 2
6. Check tournament winning decks

Why should you?
After you started to learn the basics this gives you a glimpse of the multiplayer aspect of the game, it will further help you to understand the cla*ses, the meta, good cards and general things. For example in the beginning my decks often had like 18-22 different cards, looking at the meta decks i realized that all winner decks only have 14 – 16 different cards. Especially with Open 6 you can easily get cards of your favourite cla*s.
7. Focus on 1 or maximum 2 cla*ses
8. Create your first good deck
9. Use Vials, temporary gems to create the cards

This is a crucial point, if you go for every cla*s you will never actually have all the cards needed to play a deck. Creating the deck means check the meta decks, try to understand how they work, then create your own deck (including cards you don’t have so far), this is your main goal, what you work towards to.
You get Vials by liquefying cards, some people liequefy cards of all the cla*ses they don’t want to play. So they get their deck faster. I personally don’t recommend that, it is faster but maybe there comes a time you want to play these cards and then it cost you more to create them again.
BUT beside liquefying using “Extras” to get rid of extra copies, the game doesn’t do the same for animated cards. I prefer to keep the animated, but you could have like 3 normal copies of a card and 4 animated, i always reduce, so in total I have only 3 copies, you can do this best with the option “Selected Cards”
10. Go now for multiplayer missions
11. Start playing ranked Rotation
12. Keep stats of your decks
13. Make a list of other good cards of this cla*s
14. create more good cards of the cla*s with vials and temporary gems
(create only cards of rotation!!!)
15. Use gold to buy card packages if you want to spend money, the daily 50 crystal package

Why you have to wait so long to do this?
If you go directly in to ranked when you have no card pool, you will probably get destroyed, but if go like it is described here and you create your first good deck, you will rise quickly. Though this doesn’t mean that your deck is actually good (you see what i mean when you reach Rank A and again later at Master). You should start in Rotation because there is a limited card pool and because of that you should only get cards or card packages of Rotation. So compared to other players your card pool is not that much smaller.
At the start of ranked it should be enough noticing the wins and losses so you can see your win percentage (starting with Master you should even notice the name of the enemy decks so you have a better overview).
Creating more cards of the cla*s beyond your deck means more options, so you can test different versions. With a list it is easier to keep track of that.
For example I have an excel list for my wins and losses with my decks, it even contains how many gold / legendary in rotation / unlimited i have with every cla*s.
And I have a word document for the cards i want.
16. Grind the ranks in Rotation
17. When the card pool is big enough, start playing ranked unlimited

Why should i grind?
it gives you certain achievements (so you get more cards), it can be sometimes frustrating later if you reach a high rank but this also means that you just have to play better or optimize your decks.
You can take now a third or forth cla*s, you don’t use vials or temporary gems for these (except if you have all the cards you want for your main cla*ses), just use the cards you already have and play a bit unlimited to increase your knowledge of these cla*ses.
18. Grind unlimited
19. Try to get to the tops

Well nothing else to do here 😀
You did it!!!
So you reached Master in Rotation congratulation, you use now unlimited for daily missions try to get to Master here too, and meanwhile you try to be the best in ranked ;D

Written by Zek Th3 Le9end

Here we come to an end for the What to do as a Beginner – Shadowverse guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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