Where to Find Resources in HELLDIVERS 2

Where to Find Resources in HELLDIVERS 2 1 - steamclue.com
Where to Find Resources in HELLDIVERS 2 1 - steamclue.com

Where to Find Resources in HELLDIVERS 2

Hey friends! I wanted to share some tips on where to find all the good stuff in HELLDIVERS 2. I’ll walk you through the key locations and strategies I’ve picked up for gathering experience, requisition forms, and those precious science samples.

Gaining Experience

We all know experience is essential for leveling up and unlocking new gear and stratagems. The key is to blitz through missions as efficient as possible, especially on higher difficulties. I’ve found the “Destroy the Termite Swarm” and “Destroy the Automaton Forces” missions to be quick and easy sources of XP. Knock those suckers out fast and you’ll be gaining levels in no time!

Farming Requisition Forms

Requisition forms are the cash of HELLDIVERS, so you’ll want plenty to buy new weapons and upgrades. These can be found in containers and capsules at points of interest on the map. When you clear out a POI and grab all the requisition form pickups, it’ll change from a diamond to a rhombus icon – that’s how you know you’ve snagged them all.

The whole community also gets fat stacks of requisitions whenever a main order is completed, so be sure to log in for those!

Gathering Samples

Now for the real treasure – those scientific samples we need to upgrade our ships! I’ll break down where to find each type:

Common Samples

These green guys are on all difficulties. Check out POIs, mushrooms and other organic stuff on the map. Once the POI icon switches to a rhombus, you’ve got them all.

Rare Samples

The orange crystals and flowers only show up on difficulty 4+ missions. Grab them from POIs, outposts, or even hidden in the wilderness!

Super Samples

The super rare pink samples require difficulty 7+ and can only be found at POIs with a special stone. Make sure to crack open those stones because that’s where the precious superuran is hiding!

Scoring Medals

Let’s talk medals – these shiny puppies are the currency for the Battle Merit store. You can unlock some sweet cosmetic gear with them. Medals are handed out as rewards for completing mission objectives, with higher difficulties dishing out more.

You can also sometimes find medals at points of interest in containers and such. Usually it’s 1-3 at a time. When that daily personal order quest pops up, make sure to knock it out for a solid 15 medal payout! And if a main order is active, completing it scores everyone a whopping 45 medals!

Farming Medals

Given how medals are tied to mission success, farming them aligns closely with gaining XP and requisitions. Quick blitzes through “Destroy the Termite Swarm” or smashing those robots remain efficient ways to rack up medals alongside other goods.

Super Credits

Now for the premium currency that has everyone buzzing – Super Credits! Love ’em or hate ’em, these credits let us buy fancy new armor sets from the Super Store and purchase the monthly Battle Merit pa*ses. You can occasionally find tiny caches of 10 Super Credits at POIs.

No great ways to directly farm these though – best bet is to convert real-world cash through official channels. But hey, treat any you find on missions as a nice bonus!

So there you have it friends – the full guide on where to grab all the currencies and resources you could want in HELLDIVERS 2! Let me know if you have any other hot tips or questions. See you planetside!

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