Where to put NPCs! – Terraria

Where to put NPCs! – Terraria 1 - steamclue.com
Where to put NPCs! – Terraria 1 - steamclue.com

Where to put NPCs for Pylons and MAX Happiness!

Forest Biome

In the forest biome, put the Golfer, Guide, and Zoologist together in this biome. These three are easy to find, so you can get 1 pylon up and running moderately quick! However, just one pylon is useless, so on to the next!

Snow Biome

In the Snow Biome, Have the Goblin Tinkerer, the Mechanic, and the Cyborg together! The goblin tinkerer wont like the Snow biome, he makes the Mechanic happy, and with the Cyborg, the mechanic will be the happiest possible, and sell the snow pylon. However, since Cyborg is Post wall of flesh, you have to wait to get him. But, if you got to the bottom of the snow biome onto the border of the underground, make two house on top of each other, 1 in the snow biome and one in the underground. Put the tinkerer in the underground house and then they will both be happy and sell pylons. however, it is annoying to go up and down when traveling to the snow biome, so when you can, move them to the surface.

Desert Biome (specifically an oasis for max happiness)

Put the Nurse and Arms dealer together in the desert, and you will get a pylon. You can temporarily move the nurse for boss fights and such, and then move her back to the desert. when you reach hardmode, have the steampunk join them for maximum happiness!

Jungle Biome

This is by FAR the easiest one. In the jungle, Just have the witch Doctor, Dryad, and The Painter living in the jungle and BAM. you get a pylon.

Ocean Biome

The ocean biome is one of the harder biomes to get to (unless you have the conch shell). Once you get there, just build a house, the angler will spawn very soon, and you can just put him in the house. The move the merchant to another house at the ocean, and when you enter hardmode, after defeating the pirate invasion, have the Pirate move in with them. Usually, you can get the pylon before hardmode, but sometimes you have to have the pirate move in.
Build tip: Have 2 houses on / just off the shore, and then have a small boat house for the pirate right by it.

Glowing Mushroom Biome

This is one of the more annoying pylons to get. You have to make an above ground Glowing mushroom Biome in hardmode. This requires 101 blocks that are mushroom biome related, such as giant glowing mushrooms, glowing mushrooms, and mushroom gra*s. When you have done this, and built a house there, the Truffle will spawn. Then build 2 more houses for the Stylist and the Dye Trader. Then they will sell The pylon. A suggestion for this, crimson/corruption, and the Hallow is to build sky islands of these biomes, and with a roof on top of it, you can farm there for mobs and such, and get rid of crimson/corruption and hallow on the ground. Because making the dryad happy by getting rid of all it DOES NOTHING. Sorry for the spoiler but its useless.

Underground (Cavern) Biome

When underground, and the background turns to stone, you are in a caverns biome. It will be a little difficult to make a house, but once you have enough room for houses build them, and place the Clothier, the Demolitionist, and the Tax Collector. You might not want to have them too far away from your base, because the Demolitionist is a great source of bombs. However, it is my personal preference to put them near the Dungeon. you just knock out a wall and boom you have easy access to the dungeon, from the cavern pylon.

Hallows Biome

So now to the Hallows, the last biome. You need to be in hardmode to have it so until then, just keep the Party Girl and the Tavernkeep in other housing. When you do get into hardmode, just build 3 houses In the Hallows for the Party Girl, Tavernkeep, and Wizard! I personally, as mentioned before in the Glowing Mushroom Biome Chapter, like to make an Hallows island, as with the glowing mushroom biome and the Crimson/Corruption. Then, when you get it big enough to count as a biome, you just build the three houses there.

The Princess

The Princess spawns when all other NPCs are in game and housed, and she HAS NO PREFERENCES. She will love up to 3 NPCs around her, and everyone likes her. Her Happiness will go down if there are no NPCs around her SO PLACE HER WITH SOMEONE. She is basically just a happiness booster and merchant.

Written by AlbinoCreeper

I hope you enjoy the Where to put NPCs! – Terraria guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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