Why Dumpster Pearls are Hidden Gems on Pacific Drive

Why Dumpster Pearls are Hidden Gems on Pacific Drive 1 - steamclue.com
Why Dumpster Pearls are Hidden Gems on Pacific Drive 1 - steamclue.com

Why Dumpster Pearls are Hidden Gems on Pacific Drive

Hey there! Let’s dive into something cool I found – dumpster pearls. At first, I was scratching my head over a guide that felt like it was written in code. These pearls aren’t tricky, but there are a few things that would’ve been awesome to know right off the bat. Like, did you know the type of pearl you find can change what goodies you get from it? And there’s a trick to getting more car stuff out of them, which would’ve been great to know sooner.

But, here’s the thing – once you’ve upgraded your garage in the game, this guide isn’t as handy. By that time, you’re almost done exploring everything the game has to offer.

Let’s explore into the basics of dumpster pearls:

Basic Information

So, dumpster pearls are like treasure chests, but smaller and, well, pearlier. The bigger the pearl, the more loot you get. Those perfect round ones? Jackpot!

Where to Find Pearls

You can spot these pearls in two kinds of dumpsters – the friendly kind and the not-so-friendly kind that also pops out bunnies. You’ll usually find them at gas stations. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, try looking around Beach Ball anomalies with a Hand-Vac, or check out pneumatic deposit boxes, investigator trucks, and old trunks. The deeper you go, the better your chances.

Statuses and Specific Loot

Getting into a pearl’s treasure requires a Matter Deconstructor. You could also smash them open with a hammer, but you’ll lose out on a lot of the loot, getting only a third of what you could have. Pearls have different statuses, each with its own set of loot. All pearls give you metal scrap and steel sheets, but depending on their status, you can get electronics, paint, accessories, and more. Here’s a quick rundown:

1. Wet Pearls: Think electronics and circuit boards.
2. Cracked Pearls: Copper wires and other handy bits.
3. Burned Out Pearls: All sorts of odd things like marsh eggs and red balloons.
4. Charged Pearls: Loads of paint and some useful materials like plasma.
5. Peculiar Pearls: High-quality tools. The bigger the pearl, the better the loot.
6. Oxidized Pearls: Fabric and chemicals for your crafting needs.
7. Unreliable Pearls: Might sound boring, but they’re great for snagging accessories.

Increasing Accessory Drop Rate

Ever noticed some pearls can be “fixed” to change their status to unreliable? These pearls might not drop the most exciting resources, but they’re your best bet for finding car accessories. In fact, most of the time, these pearls come through with some cool additions for your ride. Here’s a tip:

1. Take a pearl you don’t need, like a charged one.
2. Give it a whack with an Impact Hammer to crack it open.

Fixing the Pearl

Fixing it up is easy:

1. **Apply a fix using a Sealing Kit** to turn it unreliable.
2. **Pop it into the Matter Deconstructor**.
3. **Voila, enjoy your new accessory**.

Just a heads up, this is the only way to change a pearl’s status. No amount of throwing it into anomalies or soaking it will do the trick. Smashing it is the way to go.

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