Why Knowing the Fundamentals is Crucial in HELLDIVERS 2

Why Knowing the Fundamentals is Crucial in HELLDIVERS 2 1 - steamclue.com
Why Knowing the Fundamentals is Crucial in HELLDIVERS 2 1 - steamclue.com

Why Knowing the Fundamentals is Crucial in HELLDIVERS 2

In this post, I want to have a friendly discussion about player behavior, and game mechanics, and share some helpful gameplay tips.

Our Main Goal

The overarching objective is to bring Democracy to the “Xenos” by taking control of all planets and sectors. We earn influence points during missions that contribute to conquering planets. Ultimately, we need to defeat the Xenos on their home planet.

Some Ground Rules

Here are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind: Complete the main objective before evacuating. Use the map’s tagging system. Avoid unnecessary fights, but mark patrols (Q key). Call out marked enemies so allies can focus fire. Stick together in shooting distance. Don’t leave behind teammates. Avoid blocking allies’ shots. Carefully place turrets and ammo drops. Share ammo if a teammate runs out. Heal injured teammates. Use cover wisely. No need to compete for samples; focus on evacuating them. Don’t throw things onto the evacuation shuttle.

Key Mechanics

One-handed weapons allow shooting while moving. Reloading has stages that can be interrupted. Different guns have varied animations. Team reloading lets one diver shoot while the other reloads a heavy weapon. Backpacks share ammo. Damaged arms reduce accuracy. Slowed legs reduce speed. Body damage causes bleeding.

Tips and Approaches


Headshots deal medium damage regardless of armor. The “Democracy Strength” perk gives a 50% chance to survive lethal hits. Apply stims preemptively to survive bursts.

More Tips and Tricks

The first-person reticle may feel more natural than the local aiming system. Don’t worry about ammo shortages; there’s plenty scattered around. Learn artillery sequence to avoid surprises. Use terrain like rocks or hellbombs to your advantage. Lure enemies away instead of wasting ammo. Let crippled Termindus die on their own. Study enemy weaknesses like unprotected areas. Experiment with different gear combinations. Remember orbital strikes come from map center. Eagle stratagems fly perpendicular to throws. Shoot dropship engines down. Toppled enemies can block paths. All stratagems have applications if used properly. Prioritize objectives when pressed for time. You have 2:30 after the timer expires before the shuttle comes. You still get reinforcements after the respawn timer, but only one at a time. Only evacuate if carrying resources. Otherwise, drop items and send one diver to the shuttle while the rest complete tasks.

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