Winning sigils in Kaycee’s Mod – Inscryption

Winning sigils in Kaycee’s Mod – Inscryption 1 -
Winning sigils in Kaycee’s Mod – Inscryption 1 -

New sigil rules in Kaycee’s Mod open up a bunch of new tactics that make winning easier if you know the tricks.

Winning sigils in Maycee’s Mod

The rule changes introduced in Kaycee’s Mod allow for inheritance of sigils when a parent card drops an offspring card. This opens up a bunch of options to exploit for winning.
Whenever you get a choice of new cards, select the cockroach for its unkillable sigil. There are several great sigils to be farmed that will help you win, but the cockroach’s unkillable sigil is by far the best.
If you play the egg deck (see my guide) you get eggs with a one bone casting cost. If you put an unkillable sigil onto an egg, when the egg dies it gives up a bone. The egg returns to your hand. You can use the bone to cast the egg again and again. You not only have an enternally-renewing roadblock, but also endless sacrifices.
The Warren with its make-a-bunny sigil is underappreciated as a vehicle for receiving other sigils. With the new inheritance rules of sigils when a parent card drops an offspring card, the dropped card inherits the added sigils of the parent card. This doesn’t work with the natural sigils on the parent card, but only with any added sigils (sacrifice stones, painter). So a Warren with any good sigil (see below) will drop a bunny with that same sigil to your hand. Think about the infinite recursion that’s possible when an unkillable Warren drops an unkillable bunny (isn’t there a Law of Thermodynamics against that?). When your Warren dies, it returns to your hand and you can sac the unkillable bunny (which returns to your hand)…and you get ANOTHER unkillable bunny into your hand! Repeat a few times and you have all four lanes blocked with unkillable roakblocks.
Another good one for the unkillable sigil is the skink. Spend one blood to cast it opposite another creature, maybe it does a little damage, then when it is attacked it dodges to the right and drops a tail (with an unkillable sigil on it). You now have a zero-cost road block that can be sacrificed again and again – this is why you want the skink to be attacked. Sac the skink to return it to your hand at the first opportunity, sac the original tail to cast the skink (tail returns to your hand). And the skink is back on the board with its tail re-grown. And you one unkillable dropped tail in your hand. Count ’em, ONE TAIL! BWA-HA-HA-HA! When the skink gets hit again, you have two unkillable tails now. Count ’em, TWO TAILS! BWA-HA-HA-HA! (“Was that thunder I just heard?”).
The hive is yet another good one but with a twist that the offspring cards are unkillable 1/1 flyers. Downside is that you need to get this and the skink attacked in order to “start the motor”.
If you can manage it (I never have), throw an unkillable on one skink, a blocks-flyers on another skink, then give them to the Mycologists to merge! (think about it…)
Other good sigils to use with this inheritance exploit are the fecundity and magpie’s eye sigils “more bang for the buck”. Fecundity is good for the egg deck, too, and the nice thing is that you can get two eggs on the board at once. Magpie’s eye is handy to have, too, for pulling out powerful card(s) when needed and can help the eggs be useful in the early parts of your game.

Written by IceHippo

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