(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide – Ring of Pain

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide – Ring of Pain 1 - steamclue.com
(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide – Ring of Pain 1 - steamclue.com

Achievement guide for the newest achievements added in 2022-07-22


This guide is a work in progress, I just wanted a place for people to share their strategies and for me to share any tips and tricks that helped me along the way. Guides take a while so I wanted to get this out sooner than later without waiting for it to be 100% finished.


(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - Defuser - CE86DEC18 Easiest way I found is to find and save a Hex scroll (The one that turns a creature into a frog, blue rarity) and use it on a Defuser about to explode. The achievement will trigger for a Roaming Firebead, Roaming Poisonbead, and Huge Roaming Firebead. You cannot use it on a frozen enemy, and all you need to do is stand next to a Firebead and keep moving until it will explode on the next turn, then simply use the Hex scroll on the creature.

The Boulder

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - The Boulder - 6B009F1D2 Very easy. Choose the Double Candle and the Rock as your starting item. Save the Firehive for last, since it could kill other creatures and negate the achievement. Attack each Gnawling once and then use the Rock on them. Each Rot Hound will take two attacks and then the Rock. Next use the potion and last use the Rock on the Firehive to kill it. This will kill you but should unlock the achievement. If you want to survive you can always pick up a stat boost for defense or health.

Nudie Run

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - Nudie Run - 516C5B9C8 Just do not pick up or start with any items that go in the first 5 slots after your candle. Masks are fine, if you hover over the slots you can see their in game name. Note starting items will negate this achievement if they take up one of those slots. I always find early game misting vessel runs to work out well since they give you time to get stat buffs and be picky about pickups. Glowstone is also a good strategy in my opinion since you can reroll without needing to kill enemies for souls. It also helps you get stronger items sooner to subsidize missing 5 items.

Friend of Vermin

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - Friend of Vermin - 849FA2E48 Easy with the Double Candle and Hermit’s Tiara. Just optimize for picking up speed stats. Do not kill any Gnawling (the small rat looking creatures). You must also avoid ambush rooms since these force you to kill Gnawlings. You can always hit a Gnawling once to freeze it and then pa*s it if you are low on health. Just make sure not to kill it.

Decisions, Decisions

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - Decisions, Decisions - 6AAD45A8B You just need to reroll 30 times. In the start of the run rerolls are free/cheap. Two possible builds are:

  • Double Candle with Soul Stealer as the starting items. Soul Stealer will help you farm a lot of Souls up front to use with cheap rerolls. I would optimize for defense/ health to stay alive long enough to get the achievement.
  • Glow Stone as the starting item allows you to reroll using health instead of souls. Go for a health build and reroll often in the starting levels.


Sentimental Value

(WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide - Ring of Pain - Sentimental Value - DF4581AFE All you need to do is finish a run without replacing the first item you equip. You can always keep restarting the first room until you have a solid item. You cannot destroy that item or replace the item. Also you cannot have that item stolen by a Viscid Union and returned to you, so be careful.
NOTE: I am not currently aware if your starting item from the Double Candle counts or not, but I am currently under the a*sumption it does not count.
One easy strategy I find fun is to start with the Lantern Of The Ox and restart until your first item is the Chaotic Underwear. Then the rest of the run you can ignore speed and you should have a huge advantage. Plus you never want to loose the Chaotic Underwear to maintain your attacking first.

Written by onlinewithryan

Here we come to an end for the (WIP) Community Update Achievement Guide – Ring of Pain guide. I hope this guide has helped you with your gameplay. If you have something to add to this guide or believe we forgot some information to add, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually by approving them!

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