Yellow stone guide! – BIGFOOT

Yellow stone guide! – BIGFOOT 1 -
Yellow stone guide! – BIGFOOT 1 -

Dead bodies, loot locations, and general map play instructions are included in the Yellowstone map guide.


You all likely came here to see the map that shows everything, including where the bodies are located.
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Map - CFC642E61

Dead body’s

For this map’s achievement, there are only two dead bodies to find; as can be seen above, the first is at Grand Village and the second is at the shelter in the bottom right. Since this achievement is the simplest to complete, I highly recommend going for it.

Loot guide

In this section, I’ll discuss several looting strategies. I’ll start with solo looting because in the last one, I advised getting a full-auto rifle, and in this one, I still think that’s the best weapon to have. The park ranger home is at the bottom right.
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Loot guide - 244DFF803

after getting this by the time you have it night 1 should have pa*sed so you still have a day to get some supplies for this i recommend going to grand village then making your way to this marker here
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Loot guide - FBE40A728
this is a little dock with a plane parked up conveniently theres some boxes you can jump on to get onto the wing where bigfoot cant hit you
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Loot guide - 025DC31A5
seen here with the drone this place is perfect for solos if you loot up enough during the day and come back here during nights you should get easy wins.
Now for more than one players its important for everyone to get a gun so i would suggest one person get the full auto rifle and another go loot houses as some spawn in shotguns the method of going ontop the plane is still a good way for players to get easy wins.
For code spawns theyre still randomised so its down to luck if they spawn in the house with the vault however if you look around the locations in that general area nine times out of ten you’ll find the code.

Bad places

Now ive told you where to go im going to tell you where to stay away from, Now in the previous map the watchtower was a very good place to go however in this one stay clear as there is no sniper spawn up there
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Bad places - A0BFE95E0
it may seem like a good idea and it possibly be one if your on the run however using the zip-line while bigfoots after you is a stupid idea as he can smash the zip-line down killing you instantly.
The caves may be good when bigfoot has low hp and will go down after a barrage of shots then with all due get in there and trap the place up however if hes on high hp he will just barge in and slam into anything and anyone its not a good idea to trap yourself in there with him.
The lodge at the top left is an okay place to go and you can get some stuff there however again because its so far away from any real safe areas you might be in danger of dying.
Yellow stone guide! - BIGFOOT - Bad places - 6FCF37C19

General thoughts on the map

This is honestly one of the best maps they’ve come out with especially with the game studios situation the fact they’ve made something this great is good signs to come for future updates.
If you havent tried this map get onto it yes its terrifying in the dark but so is every other map they outdid themselves for this one so get onto it.
PS. give me awards i want steam points 😉

Written by Melo

I hope you enjoy the Yellow stone guide! – BIGFOOT guide. This is all for now! If you have something to add to this guide or forget to add some information, please let us know via comment! We check each comment manually!

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